All In One Solar Street light Introduction



What is all in one solar street light ?

All in one solar street light, it is converged on high efficiency solar battery panels, 8 years long using life Lithium battery, high light effective LED, the controller, PIR human body intelligent system and keeping off stealing installation stand.

Working Principle: 

Integrated solar LED streetlight converts light energy into electric energy by solar panels and transfers it into lithium battery. During days, even in rainy days, solar panels can also collect and store light energy and transfer to electric energy in order to supply energy for LED light automatically at night. At the same time, it can be opened the working mode of intelligent human body infrared sensor controller at night because of its PIR human body sensor function. In order to extend the working time of the whole light and save more energy, when there is people it will be full power, oppositely it will be half power.

Solar Energy is radiation energy of sunlight, now generally is used to generate electricity. Solar energy generating electricity is a newly renewable energy sources. Much energy sources is called solar energy, for example, wind energy,chemical energy and water potential energy, etc.

All In One solar energy street light /garden lamp is integrated products. Its simple structure is coalesced the best combination of green energy (solar panels,ultra bright LED semiconductor light source, lithium battery) and equipping with human intelligence sensing system. All of these allocation realize the low power consumption, long life, high brightness and 8 years life of free maintenance, and is the only innovative new product that created independently in China from solar energy field.

Functions and Features of All In One Solar Energy Street Light

· The integrated design is brief,fashion, convenience, practice;

· Provided electric by solar energy , saving energy and protecting the earth resources.

· Adopting PIR human body sensor system, when people here, the light is on, oppositely, light is out. 

· The Lithium iron phosphate battery pack which is plenty of capacity and long time using life, making sure the using life of battery, generally reaching 8 years.

· No-need wiring arragement, and installation conveniently.

· Waterproof structure, which is safe and reliable.

· Easy to set the fixted time and volume controll ,etc.

· Using the design idea of modularization, easy to install, maintain and repair

· The structure subject is alloy material with good rust-proof and anti-corrosion.

Suntisolar is not only competitive price,but also the best product quality of manufacture factory in China. Yantai University is committed to build beautiful new university , and try best to beautify the project at school. This year, under the guidance of Party Committee and government, there are 20 solar streetlights installed at the both sides of roads. The solar streetlights use light sensor to control automatically, when it is dark, it will open automatically, and when it is day, it will close automatically. So this way is lowing the costs of streetlights maintenance. When it is dark, solar energy streetlights lighten the road of Yantai University, this become a line of beautiful scenery !

Post time: Mar-08-2019
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