What Affect Solar Street Light Lifespan

What Affect Solar Street Light Lifespan

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to solar street light in street lighting projects. Solar street lights are energy-saving, environment friendly, easy installation, and excellent lighting effects. The energy-saving solar street lamps not only realizes the improvement of road lighting environment and carbon emission reduction but also has an important significance for establishing low-carbon cities and improving the city’s unique image.

High quality solar street lights are not cheap, they have to withstand extreme weather such as continuous raining, storm, hurricane. To further extend the lamp’s service life is very important.


Most street solar lamps adopt LED light sources to reduce energy consumption and ensure long service life. If you want to improve the lifetime of solar lamps, it should be ensured that street lamps install high quality LED chips and excellent heat dissipation design. High temperature will reduce LED life.

Battery is the key part of a solar street light. To get longer life of solar street lights, it is necessary to choose high quality lithium battery and avoid overcharging or over-discharging through MPPT control. In addition, the battery module shall be sealed well to prevent rain and dust from entering. Minimum protection grade shall be IP 65.

High exchange rate solar panel which are not easily ashed should be used. If solar panels accumulate too much dust, the charging efficiency will be affected. With insufficient supply of electrical energy for long time, the lamp will be dimmed or even worse can’t light up for one whole night. In this case, it’s necessary to clean solar panels. Self cleaning solar light will effective solve this problem.

MPPT controller is the brain of a solar light. A good solar controller can ensure lighting system more stable operation and protect all modules from potential damages. It will determines service life and economic cost of solar street lighting system.

Compared with electric street lights, solar street lamps do not need to layout cables, but the lines connecting between components should be in good quality and water proof. Loose connections or aging of lines should be avoided.

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Post time: Apr-01-2020
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