How to choose good All In One Solar Street Light

How to choose good All In One Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light has become a good choice for areas without electricity power supply undeveloped areas. And All In One Solar Street Light(AIO) has become more and more popular because of it is much more convenient installation and maintenance compared with Separate one. But there are also some problems for AIO Type, and some tricks from the existing suppliers.



1. Installation Angle. Compared with Separate Solar Street Light, Solar Panel installation angle of AIO type can not be adjusted freely, it is a problem if solar panel is installed back to sunshine.


2. Alternative Days under Rainy days. Considering weight and wind resistance of AIO type, solar panel size is limited, now maximum solar panel is 140W from Suntisolar. Thus the battery storage capacity is limited, so Rainy and Cloudy days are a problem for AIO, so some suppliers used sensor to extend working nights under continuous rainy days, but sensor is not smart enough for cars quick passing.

3. LED Heat Radiation. Excessive attention out appearance or beauty of LED, but ignore heat radiation of LED, which decides LED working life and lumen maintenance directly.

4. High Maintenance Cost. A lot sand or dirt would cover on the solar panels after some time, especially in African areas. On one hand it drops the charging efficiency greatly, on the other hand, it is a high cost to clear the dirt or sand manually.



1. Battery. Some suppliers adopts second hand battery from Electric cars for lower price, the battery storage ability drops very quickly. This is difficult for customers to judge from the appearance.

2. Nominal Watts. Working hours is mainly decided by battery capacity, but battery capacity is decided by solar panel watts. So Solar panel size determines the final LED working power. According to the industry standard, Solar Panel should be at least 20W higher than the LED Power. For example, 100W LED should match 120W Solar Panels. But some suppliers adopts 80W or even 70W for 100W LED. These nominal 100W is only 60W or 50W according to the industry standard.



1. Our LED Module angle is adjustable, this enables the solar panel angle adjustable freely even installed back to sunshine. It guarantees solar panel’s charging efficiency. What’s more, there is solid aluminum heat radiator for our LED module, it extends LED working life greatly.

2. By adopting big solar panel and battery size, and MPPT controller to guarantee products working at least 3 days under continues rainy days.

3. Self Cleaning system developed specially for African market to keep cleaning the dirt and sand automatically, it increases efficiency greatly and totally maintenance free.

 Self Cleaning Solar Street Light

4. Suntisolar adopts Dynamic Grade A Lithium battery which is exactly same as electric car battery. And there is separate aluminum battery box improving protection grade to IP 66.

5. Suntisolar strictly follow industry standard that solar panel should be at least 20w higher than LED Module, we guarantee our products working 12 hours under full working power without sensor.


How to choose a good All In One Solar Street Light?

1. Look at the Appearance. There are still many suppliers using 1st generation mould, which is public mould, for all in one solar street light. On one hand, battery size is limited by the thin room inside the aluminum house, battery capacity is limited too. On the other hand, there is no single battery box for battery, protection grade is only IP54. 3rd, the light is available from different suppliers, wholesalers or retailers, contractors will have tough price competition from competitors.


2. Measure the size of Solar Panel and calculate watts of solar panel. If solar panel power is lower than the nominal LED power, maximum working time under full power is 10 hours. Let alone working 3 alternative rainy days.


3. See Details, including LED module materials, controller, battery, wires, sleeve…


4. Best way is to compare the sample, it would be easy to judge which one is better.



Post time: Nov-09-2019
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