How to Verify Actual Parameters of Solar Street Light

How to Verify Actual Parameters of Solar Street Light

Solar Panel.

•Solar Panel watt is decided by 2 factors: ①Size and ②Efficiency.

•For mono crystalline solar panel, highest cell efficiency in the industry is 22%. After made into complete sheet solar panel, the maximum efficiency is 16%. So imagine(actually not) all suppliers using highest efficiency solar panel with 16% efficiency. You could calculate the actual solar panel watt by formula as below:


•Take our 100W solar street light with 160W panel for example. The dimension is 1855*535mm. So the actual Watt=1855*535/1000*16%=158W. There might be small deviation. Our actual watt is 160W.

•With this formula you could calculate all the solar panel watt of other companies. Many other companies are telling customer high watt but actually only 60%-70%.



•Mostly used Battery Type: ①MnNico Ternary Lithium Battery, ②LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery.

Main difference is resistant working temperature and cycles(Lifetime). MnNico Ternary lithium battery resistant temperature is -20°to 40°, cycles is 1500 times, LiFe PO4 lithium battery is maximum 60°, cycles is 3000 times. So in areas with high temperature like Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, we must use LiFe PO4 Lithium battery.

•IMPORATNT: Many companies using 2nd hand cell which is used from electric cars. These kind battery are Grade B, lifetime is not over 3 years. What we used is Grade A Dynamic lithium battery which is exactly same cells as the electric car.

•Capacity of battery. Mostly used cell is 32700 model, this number means the cell diameter is 32mm, Height is 70mm. Each cell capacity is 3.2v 6Ah.

Take the 80W solar street light with battery 12.8V 144Ah for example, it is composed with 4 series(12.8V/3.2V=4) and 24 Parallels(144Ah/6Ah=24), totally 4*24=96 pcs cells. Each cell weight is 140g, so only the net weight of cells is 140*96=13,440g=13.4kg. Plus battery box and other materials, the weight is over 17kg.

•No other products can really load 12.8V 144Ah battery.



•LED Quality is mainly judged by 2 parameters: ①Lumen Efficiency ②Lifetime

•Lumen efficiency is mainly influenced by LED Chip and LED Encapsulation mode(3030/5050). 3030 Chip efficiency is 130lm/W, 5050 efficiency is 210lm/w maximum. We are using 5050 LED.

•Lifetime is influenced by 3 factors: ①LED Chip, ②LED Encapsulation Mode, and ③Heat Radiation. LED Chip and LED Encapsulation are not produced by ourselves but are purchased from leading industry companies to make sure reliable quality. LED Heat radiation is designed by ourselves with large and solid die casting aluminum to make sure lumen maintenance reaching 80% after 50,000 hours and 60% after 100,000 hours.


Bracket material and Aluminum house.

•There are 2 kinds materials of bracket mostly used: ①Die Casting Aluminum ②Welding Aluminum.

•Die casting aluminum is much stronger than welding aluminum. Especially for high power solar street light, the weight is heavy. Die casting aluminum has much better safety guarantee. What’s more, our unique design of double gear guarantee the light never fall off no matter how big the wind is. Other is only single gear which is difficult to hold the weight under big wind.


•Aluminum house strength

Aluminum shape is easy to deform especially under high temperature and weight. What we used is big sectional area aluminum to make sure the strength of the complete solar street light.




Post time: May-07-2021
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