All In One Solar Street Light shipped to Indonesia

After nearly two months of work by the staff of Suntisolar, under the leadership of the technical backbone masonry and Wang Gong, the street lamps in the Indonesia were completed on schedule and delivered to the port on time, ready to travel across the sea to Indonesia.

On Sunday morning, my colleagues were racing in the cold wind, and more than 3 thousand sets of lamps were filled with 6 containers. With the joint efforts of everyone, around 11 am, the loading was completed. With the departure of the container, everyone has a feeling of relief, joy and excitement.

This cooperation has more widened our project experience in South East Asia Markets. We believe that Suntisolar’s product quality will surely win more customers from different markets. Because Suntisolar is the leading solar street light manufacturer in China. We offer 6 years warranty for our products, which is the longest in the industry.

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Post time: Mar-08-2019
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