EGEB: Solar street lighting shows clear benefits in sub-Saharan Africa

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New research from New Climate Economy’s Coalition for Urban Transitions examines “Sustainable urban infrastructure for all: Lessons on solar-powered street lights from Kampala and Jinja, Uganda.”

In these two Ugandan cities, solar street lights have been both cheaper to build and operate than conventional street lights. Researchers concluded that:

“Based on this case study, installing and maintaining solar-powered LED street lights across sub-Saharan Africa rather than conventional grid-based options could reduce upfront installation costs by at least 25 percent, electricity consumption from street lighting by 40 percent and maintenance costs of new roads by up to 60 percent.”

Solar street lighting could generate 96-160 GW of energy across sub-Saharan Africa, researchers estimate. The lights also brought a “range of economic and social benefits, including lower crime rates, better road safety, a more vibrant night-time economy and higher property values.”

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Post time: Aug-27-2019
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