Government Project in Burkina Faso

Government Project in Burkina Faso

After finishing Power Nigeria Exhibition, we visited Burkina Faso to check the result of our recent Solar Street Light government project.

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We are honored to be received by the minister of energy department of the government of Burkina Faso. The minister spoke highly of our solar street lights.

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Photo: Suntisolar CEO Richard Wang, Government Energy Minister and Suntisolar manager Joe Chu
Burkina Faso has a good sunshine rate and solar power is ecological, inexhaustible and does not depend on power cuts. Government has realized this point and decided to take full advantages of solar energy.
The project is for 1200 sets of 80W All in One Solar Street Light. The installation height is 9M and distance of pole is 30M.

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After installing the solar street lights,residents here can go out and do small business at night. They say the lights light up the night as bright as the day. Solar street lights make their life safer and better.

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Suntisolar is delighted to see the good result of our products and we will keep working to bring light to more people.

Post time: Oct-16-2019
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