Company News

Company News

  • Government Project in Burkina Faso

    Government Project in Burkina Faso

    After finishing Power Nigeria Exhibition, we visited Burkina Faso to check the result of our recent Solar Street Light government project.      We are honored to be received by the minister of energy department of the government of Burkina Faso. The minister spoke highly of our solar street light...
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  • Power Nigeria 2019

    Power Nigeria 2019

    From September 24th to 26th , Suntisolar joined Power Nigeria 2019. During the exhibition, we received a large number of customers such as government project contractors, private installers and retailers of solar street lights. All of them spoke highly of our All in One Solar Street Lights and so...
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  • Solar Show Phillipines

    Solar Show Phillipines

    From May 20th to 21st, Suntisolar joined Solar Show Philippines. In the 2 days, we received more than 100 customers in our booth, there are solar street light government project contractors, private installers, and retailers. All of them gave very high comments to our products, multiple customers...
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  • Great Show from Solartech Indonesia

    Great Show from Solartech Indonesia

    Solar Street Light Exhibition in Indonesia   Suntisolar Team exhibited All In One Solar Street Light in Solartech Indonesia from April 4th to 6th. Integrated SOLAR Street Light C95 Series, S86 Series, Z86 Series and Newest Z88 Series are exhibited, especially the Water Proof Solar Street Lig...
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  • All In One Solar Street Light shipped to Indonesia

    All In One Solar Street Light shipped to Indonesia

    After nearly two months of work by the staff of Suntisolar, under the leadership of the technical backbone masonry and Wang Gong, the street lamps in the Indonesia were completed on schedule and delivered to the port on time, ready to travel across the sea to Indonesia. On Sunday morning, my coll...
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