Power Nigeria 2019

From September 24th to 26th , Suntisolar joined Power Nigeria 2019. During the exhibition, we received a large number of customers such as government project contractors, private installers and retailers of solar street lights. All of them spoke highly of our All in One Solar Street Lights and some of them showed great interests after viewing our products.
After the exhibition, we have a further discussion with some interested customers. They are quite satisfied with the quality of our products and several trial order were settled during the discussion. There will be more cooperation soon.

Power Nigeria617
The exhibition gave us an opportunity to understand the specific requirements in Nigeria and let customers know the details of our products. This will promote our cooperation in Nigeria and we will provide better service to promise not to disappoint our customers.
Let’s see the scene of the exhibition.

Power Nigeria944

Power Nigeria950

Post time: Oct-16-2019
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