Solar Street Lights Brighten The Darkness

While climate change has led many high-income countries to increase their efforts to improve energy efficiency and to invest in renewable energies, low-income countries still face another energy challenge: more than 1 billion people lack access to electricity. Could solar lights offer a solution?

During the first phase of the project, solar lights were installed in areas where essential services were being provided. Solar lights were also placed at the entrances to the camps in order to enhance security.


In phase two of the project, lights were installed along periphery roads between the host community and the camps.The third phase extended into residential areas by lighting cross points along the path leading to the main roads which connect the two communities.

Some 15,000 refugees and local residents, are benefiting from enhanced security and harmonious relations as a result of the public lighting project, which is part of UNHCR’s Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Strategy.


Not only has the project created a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source, but the lights have contributed to creating a safe environment for refugees and local residents to live, study, and pursue brighter futures.

A total of 116 solar street lights have been installed along a 4 kilometer area, which includes both internal camp roads as well as host community perimeter roads surrounding the camp. An additional 132 sets of lights will be installed in the following days, which will cover another 4 kilometers.

Solar Street Lights will surely become a solution to address both energy poverty and energy sustainability in the near future. And a growing number of people have felt the benefits. We specialize in All in One Solar Street Light and aim to push more people get sustainable brightness.

Post time: Sep-02-2019
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