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Solar Wall Light XT-TED0112-EN

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    [Product Datasheet]

    ——Solar Wall Light


    [Solar wall light is a green and energy-saving product. It transfers solar radiation to electricity and reserves it into the lithium battery during daytime for LED lighting during night. It is widely used in courtyard and villa district, where it is difficult to arrange electric wire.]

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    1  Product Brief


    图片2Lithium battery pack

    The light is designed with built-in Grade A lithium battery cells with small internal resistance for longer charging and discharging life.


    PC cover

    New plastics with good light transmittance used for injection moulding, stripping design offers uniform photo chromic performance


    Maintenance-free waterproof connector

    The light is designed with maintenance-free connectors with high reliability and long service life for convenient installation.


    Solar panel 

    The light is designed with highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel with a service life of more than 25 years.

    1.2 Effect Picture



    1.3 Technical specification 

    Model XT-TED0112
    LED chip 3030
    Module quantity (pcs) 1
    Power (W)  12W
    Solar panel (Wp) 12V/25Wp
    Battery (Ah) 7.4V/8,800mAh
    Control mode     Light Control+Time Control 
    Charging time (1,000W/m2) 6h
    Material Aluminium+ PC
    Dominant hue Silver
    Beam angle (°) C0~180 120°/ T90~270 120° 
    Protection level IP65
    Photoelectric parameter
    Color temperature (K) 3,000-6,500K
    CRI (Ra)  70
    Smart mode YES
    Continuous working hours (h) 8
    Packing dimension
    Net weight (kg) 6kg±5%
    Gross weight (kg) 14.2kg±5% (2pcs/box) 
    Physical dimension (mm) 510×350×600mm±5%
    Packing dimension (mm) 780×410×400mm±5%
    Quantity in 20 feet/40feet container 350PCS/900PCS
    Environmental temperature
    Discharging temperature (℃) -20~60
    Charging temperature (℃) -20~60
    Storage temperature (℃) 0~45
    Fixed interval (mm) 3-4m
    Screw fixation   M6 expansion bolt
    Wind resistance level Grade 12
    Installation Wall mounted, pole mounted
    Irradiation area (m2) 16

    1.4 Physical dimension (mm)

    图片11.5 Light distribution  


    2  Working Condition

    l The light is designed with protection level of IP65. Please do not apply the light under environmental conditions higher than this protection level.

    l Best working temperature for this light is -20℃ to 60℃.

    l The light is designed with a wind resistance level of Grade 12. Typhoon with grade above 12 might damage the light.

    3  Precautions

    l Please use expansion bolts to fix the light on the wall and screw down.

    l Please avoid to hide the light under buildings or trees to ensure normal power generation of the solar panel so that working hours of the light shall not be shortened.

    l Please make sure the solar panel shall not be irradiated under billboard or AC powered luminaire, otherwise the light shall not work since the solar panel reports it is daytime.

    l Please switch on the button during installation. The light shall be motivated and start to recharge automatically under irradiation of natural light outdoor.

    l Please make sure to recharge the light once every six months at least in case of long-time storage. For recharging, just put the light with solar panel oriented to the sun outdoor for 6 to 7 hours.

    l Please follow the instruction manual strictly for the operation.

    l Non-professional people are not permitted to dismantle the light to avoid any damage.

    l Please do not cover luminous surface of the light with paper or cloth. Please keep the light clear of inflammables.

    l It is strictly forbidden to introduce external electrical signal into internal part of the light to avoid any permanent damage.

    4   Troubleshooting

    l  Why does the light not work after installation?

    a  Please check if the light has been switched on.

    b  Please check if there is any AC power light or bright billboard surrounding the solar light, where the irradiated light ray on the solar panel shall cause failure.

    l  Why some lights do not work?

    When the light is installed while night is drawing near and there is no sunlight to activate the solar panel, the light cannot work since the system reports it as night. The light shall return to normal on the next day.

    l  Why the brightness is low?

    Battery of the light on factory delivery is only 40% to 50% of the rated capacity during long-distance transportation. Brightness of the light shall return to normal after 1 to 2 days’ irradiation under sunlight.

    5   Warranty

    We undertake to replace the light against warranty terms specified herein for any failure incurred under the premise that the light is used following this instruction. However, failure caused under following conditions shall not be within the warranty scope:

    6.1 Failure caused due to falling or clashing during transportation or handling, or misoperation of the customer.

    6.2 Failure caused due to fire disaster, earthquake, flood or typhoon, etc.

    6.3 Failure or damage caused due to failing to observe setting parameters, instruction procedures and precautions stipulated herein during operation.

    6.4 We shall have proprietary right for replaced product.

    6.5 Maintenance beyond warranty period shall be charged.

    See the following for dimension of container:

    Internal dimension of 20 feet GP: 5,890×2,342×2,388mm. 2,280mm for entrance height.

    Internal dimension of 40 feet HQ: 12,017×2,342×2,693mm. 2,580mm for entrance height.

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